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Keiser University celebrates 35 years as a successful Florida career college

By Jenni Valentino, Editor

Even as a warm autumn rain shower threatened to soak the attendees of the 35th anniversary celebration at Keiser University’s Miami campus, nothing could dampen the crowd’s spirits. Throughout the lobby and hallways of the building and under the chandeliers of the reception tent, the atmosphere at the event was electric. The campus was thronged with people clamoring to...

Jack Larson returns to career education with Triumph Higher Education Group

One triumph isn’t enough for some executives. Some innovators – perhaps the greatest recent example being Steve Jobs in the technology field – can completely dazzle a business sector, step away momentarily and return with marvelous new contributions.

In the higher education world, Jack Larson, the founder and former CEO and President of Career Education Corporation, returned to the for-profit education...

Understanding the shift to call center-generated leads in the pay-per-lead marketplace

By Mike McHugh, PlattForm Advertising

Over the last year, the main trend on the marketing side of the pay-per-lead marketplace has been the growth of call center-generated leads. The question, though, is why has this shift occurred? And is it just the marketing companies’ attempt to take advantage of schools? When analyzing the marketplace, it is fairly easy to see the reason for the change...

Mystery shopping reveals best practices in admissions, compliance, financial aid and marketing

By Mr. Vince Norton, Managing Partner, Norton|Norris, Inc.

After completing thousands of mystery shops in 2011, I’m starting to wonder why admissions, compliance, financial aid and marketing aren’t working together better.

Here’s why: It appears that most schools have placed the required program integrity disclosures on their web site, but admissions representatives repeatedly...

800 Million Faces

Three keys to Facebook success

With more than 800 million users spending the majority of their social media time on Facebook, this is THE social medium for your institution to employ. But being active on Facebook is more than throwing up a page and having everyone in your institution click the "Like" button. Like every piece of the marketing plan, Facebook requires a strategy.

Let's get it started

Kick off your strategy by determining who is...

Reflecting on Career College Central, five years after the publication of its first edition

A lot can happen in five years. In January 2007, George W. Bush was President of the United States. I was three months into a writing position that would eventually become a magazine career. Beyoncé topped the billboard charts with the song “Irreplaceable,” and Michael Platt, founder and chairman of PlattForm Advertising, published the first print edition of Career College Central.