Student Success Story: Ashley Derry

For Ashley Derry, a 2007 graduate of the Danville, Kentucky Campus, being a “people person” is vital to her job working as the assistant food and beverage director of Danville Country Club.

“I’m really great with people. We have 297 members here, and I know everybody by name,” she said with a smile. 


Career College Central Summary:

  • Colleges still pay companies to be matchmakers for them with potential students -- so-called “lead generators.”
  • The sometimes-controversial practice remains a big business, despite scrutiny from Washington and accreditors. Yet lead generation has evolved over time.
  • Smart Degree is one company that appears to include a couple of new twists. Dale Leatherwood, a veteran of higher-education marketing for both...
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Career College Central Summary:

  • Colleges and universities trying to improve retention and graduation rates may be directing academic support services to the wrong students, emerging research suggests.
  • Researchers at the Education Advisory Board, a Washington-based company, think predictive analytics can inform the student-success strategies institutions employ.
  • The company is collecting student data from roughly 110 four-year colleges and universities...

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  • Hispanic students may have been kept away from Texas’ public research universities after the Legislature allowed state colleges to set their own tuition prices, according to a study published this month in The Annals, a journal of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.
  • The study comes as Texas officials appear hard-pressed to meet 15-year enrollment targets for Hispanic students.
  • The findings also...

Leading Through Innovation Webinar Series Session 5: “Leading Through Strategic Partnerships”

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  • Velocify is proud to sponsor Career College Central’s six-part leadership webinar series, Leading Through Innovation.
  • The fifth webinar of the series will explore the value of strategic partnerships.
  • Competition for prospective students is heating up just as the number of school-age...