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  • Corinthian Colleges, the for-profit chain under investigation for misleading students and faking job placement records, has a savior. The Educational Credit Management Corp. announced Thursday it plans to buy 56 of troubled Corinthian Colleges’ (COCO) 107 campuses for $24 million—quite a deal, considering the chain was worth $4.2 billion in 2003.
  • But ECMC, as it’s called, has had troubles of its own. The nonprofit...
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  • The academic workforce is shrinking.
  • Not by much, mind you: the number of faculty members and administrators at colleges eligible to award federal financial aid declined by a mere 7,500 from 2012 to 2013, according to new Education Department statistics.
  • But the dip, however small, is the first in many years. And it comes after a period of steady and at times sharp expansion of college staffs, which often accompanied...
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  • Opinion from Steve Gunderson
    • On Oct. 30 the Obama administration put out a news release boasting about denying access to higher education for nearly a million students, cutting off their path to career skills and the middle class through a “gainful employment” regulation. This regulation prohibits students enrolled in programs at certain institutions of higher education—primarily for-profit institutions—...

Flipping Classes

Transforming the times when students are isolated from the instructor into times of breakthrough. 

By Don Arnoldy, Contributing Writer

Each day, in our classrooms, we bring groups of students together at the same time and in the same space to engage in an activity which is, for them, both individual and passive: listening to a lecture. We then send them off to diverse places to answer questionsabout the content, apply the content...