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Social Media for Schools and Students: LinkedIn

When LinkedIn was founded in 2003, it served as little more than a virtual Rolodex of sorts — a place to collect and categorize the contact information of your professional…

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What Today’s Students Should Know About the Economic Benefits of Education

As we lay out in our Road Map to Student Success, career training is a path that’s unique for each student. That’s why we offer several scholarship programs that are…

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Changes in Presidential Administrations Can Lead to Impacts on Higher Education

Fifteen years doesn’t seem like a distance too expansive for the memory to recall, but do you remember what you were doing in 2002? Career education leaders who were involved…

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Information Technology Careers: Helping Students Succeed

Throughout 2017, Career College Central will focus on a specific career area in each edition, delving into information technology (IT) in the third quarter. In the Careers: Helping Students Succeed…

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