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Business-led education programs: a growing trend

By Jenni Valentino, Staff Writer

Corporate universities – educational programs run by organizations looking to train employees for their specific industries – have existed for decades. However, the sheer number of corporate universities that have cropped up over recent years –
from just 400 in 1993 to more than 2,000 (including those run by Walt Disney, Pixar and Boeing) in 2001 – indicate that...

Making instructors more than mere subject matter experts

By Don Arnoldy, Carrington College

Teaching is a professional field with knowledge, skills and attitudes that must be acquired and maintained. Untrained teachers, left to their own devices, tend to teach as they have been taught, which often includes methods that are now years out of date. Oftentimes, beginning instructors at career colleges are not as well trained to teach as beginning professors at traditional...