The Highest Honor

For decades, military veterans have chosen to attend career colleges for the advantages – and innovations – they hold over other institutions. While it’s true traditional universities educate about the same number of military members as career colleges, the inconvenient scheduling and lack of one-on-one time with the professors are too much to bear for some. Hands-on learning, programs in growing career fields, flexible scheduling and small classrooms are critical reasons why career colleges are best able to serve students with military backgrounds and assist them in obtaining careers that will better their lives.

In addition to the Imagine America Foundation military student success stories appearing in the November/December edition of Career College Central, we also received submissions from other career colleges. The following is our extended coverage of military success stories. These incredible stories mark the impact career training-oriented colleges are having on higher education and the American labor force. Our hope is to continue adding to this list. Please submit your student success stories and photos to Editor Kevin Kuzma,

Chris Meetin

Ebony Clark-Yancy

Marlena Fry

Stephen Sally

Timothy Thompson

Alicia Atkins & June Sandidge

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